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Eventyoda’s First Annual Top 5 Preciously Treasured Team-Building Moments of 2014

The year of 2014 marked our first year of operation here at Eventyoda. This year, we are grateful to have held 40+ activities throughout the year with teams all over the Bay Area. We worked with amazing vendors who put their heart and soul into making each event an event organizer’s dream. We met fascinating team members accomplishing amazing feats within their respective jobs and learned just how much it takes to be an effective and successful team. We even had some fun ourselves while discovering the hidden diamonds of team building events available within the wonderful city of San Francisco and its surrounding cities.

From encouraging the laziest team members to easing the workload of the toiling event coordinators to feeding off the highly enthusiastic activity vendors, we are humbly proud of doing our part in simplifying the event booking process and strengthening the bonds of the corporate teams all across the Bay Area, even if it was through European Sword Fighting (did you even know this was possible?).  Now…without further ado…I’d like to present…our First Annual Preciously Treasured Team-Building Moments of 2014.

1. Indoor Skydiving with Imperva



In the words of the morally questionable, but unquestionably talented R. Kelly, we at Eventyoda “believe we could fly”. That’s why we got along so well with the Imperva employees, who not only believed, but also capitalized on this belief through their indoor skydiving event at iFly. Naturally, the team members started out rigid and reliant on their instructor as they acclimated to roaring winds of 130 miles per hour keeping them afloat in the tunnel. But as the day went on, our Imperva homies noticeably eased up and became more receptive to the wind currents, managing to pull off their best impression of a feather. In some instances, they even started to resemble an adolescent Superman learning to roam the skies. Ultimately, almost everyone’s secret superpower desire is flying, and Imperva managed to do just that.

2. Golden Gate Archery Competition with Betable

Betable-Cupid's Gate-28

Betable-Cupid's Gate-Indi-22

There’s something primal about shooting a bow and arrow. Maybe it takes us back to our days as hunter-gatherers, where groups of men would roam the plains in coordinated pursuit of bison for dinner. Or maybe it reminds us of the last time we watched Legolas, the bloomingly stunning elf, take on an army of orcs with pinpoint accuracy. Either way, this feeling combined with a legitimate 1 vs. 1 archery competition really made me feel like I have a pair. After 90 minutes of practice time, the Betable employees voted on their top two perceived best archers to go head-to-head for the coveted Golden Arrow. The competition was fiercely close, but in the end, the winner turned out to be the guy with childhood experience (muscle memory is real). Regardless, both were graceful and gracious participants, and the Betable team went home well primed for an evening episode of Game of Thrones.

3. Graffiti Workshop with Netflix



We truly loved the graffiti workshop at 1AM SF with Netflix. It was a multi-faceted event, with historical insight into the relatively recent art of graffiti, as well as hands on participation in both marker-based and spray paint graffiti. The Netflix team collectively painted a life sized mural of their company name on the wall space outside the gallery, serving a double purpose of team bonding and built-in marketing for the day. Realistically, how many times will you have the opportunity to legally spray paint a wall during the day with a group of friends? We’ll leave that question up to you.

4. Wine and Paint with Willis Insurance



Wine and paint was a very popular event for us in 2014, but this particular one had its special charm. Willis Insurance employees from all over the country attended this team building event for their annual meeting. The wine and paint was at Beyond Canvas in the Mission district of San Francisco, where the instructors gave the group an option to choose from three of the paintings on display in the studio. One of the options particularly inspired the group, as it resembled the impending “superstorm” that was to hit the Bay Area (and potentially delay some of their flights) the following day (December 11, 2014). They fearlessly flipped the looming storm on its head, making room for a collection of epic paintings that will serve as a testament to their surviving encounter with the superstorm.

5. Pottery and Puttery with Genentech



One of our favorite things to do at Eventyoda is come up with completely new, unique event ideas and bring them to life. You could say this event was one of our signature EY creations, a combination of mini-golf, pottery, drinks and a  delicious lunch at Urban Putt (also in the Mission district of San Francisco). First, the Genentech team members mingled with martinis and appetizers while putting on the Urban Putt’s intricately creative indoor course. They then had an amazing meal (Chicago deep dish pizza) prepared by Urban Putt’s in-house chef. This followed with a an award presentation for one of their employees and a greatly entertaining round of pottery. The makers of the top five “best” pottery creations (as according to a very strict set of guidelines guided by my aesthetic sensibilities of the day) each received a grand reward (an iTunes gift card!!!!!) while the rest of the crowd engaged in a discussion of their creations and a spirited reflection into the creative process. All in all, it was a day of creative firsts and perfectly rounds out our top 5 most treasured moments of 2014.

Here’s to 2015, with more flying, putting, painting, potting, drinking, eating and team building harmony!