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5 Quick Tips to Corporate Event Planning


To all my fellow admins out there, newbies and old timers, I’m sure you have been placed in a position where your managers have given you this wonderful project of putting together a Team Building Event with or without any guidance. To me, I have been placed in this predicament numerous of times and I know the nerve wrecking feeling with planning a special event oh so well! Whether you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to start or need just a wee bit of guidance, here’s a few tips to set you on the right direction or keep you on your feet to planning maybe one of your most memorable events for your team!

Tip #1 – Know Your Target Audience

This is on the top of my list! Make sure you know who your target audience will be. Knowing this will set you in your motion for the rest of the event planning. Whether your event will be business related or just a fun and social event, this can help you start to think of some ideas on what your goals should be.

Tip #2 – Business Purpose

You’re probably thinking, “Business Purpose?! Whaaat?!” Yes, you read that right!! In a corporate world, “Team Building” doesn’t mean that we finally get to let loose and not have a Business Purpose! 99.9% of Corporate Team Building has a Business Purpose tied behind it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Make sure you know what the purpose of your event is so that you don’t miss out on any details surrounding your event. There’s a business goal here people and if you don’t know what that is, ASK!!!

Tip #3 – Budget

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 or a small business company, knowing your budget can help you negotiate with your vendors at your best. Trust me, they want your business so there are lots of Team Building companies out there that can accommodate to most of your needs. Before you sign a contract, it’s a good idea to have a spreadsheet of everything that you will need to pay for this event. Don’t forget to add all the necessary markups. For example taxes, gratuities, etc. Trust me, these can all add up in the end. You want to look like a super star planning your events and not going over budget can get you there!

Tip #4 – Theme

 Now that you have gone this far, lets think fun!! Of course if your manager has suggestions, then this task will be easier to plan, but if not, there’s a wide variety of themes that you can choose from. Have fun with it and make sure you put your own special touches to this Theme. You can use the Theme throughout your invitations, event programs, giveaways, and some signature cocktails are just a few suggestions. Giving it your own special touch not only shows you have a creative mind, but will also surely impress your audience.

Tip #5 – Flexibility

 I cannot stress this enough! Make sure you have a few dates in mind to schedule this event. It will give you the option to negotiate prices with different vendors. Also keep in mind that there are other Corporations that schedule events, so you might run into not getting the actual date that you want. I understand there’s sometimes a specific date that’s already been picked out for you, so having a couple of event ideas would be beneficial to you. Don’t forget the weather! As we live in an unpredictable place for climate, have a back up plan for that as well! You can also ask vendors if they offer alternatives if and when weather changes that day. Be prepared to think on your feet with the help of the vendor when issues arise. This shows that you have thought about solutions to problems ahead of time. Thinking on your feet will give you so much credibility!

I hope that these few tips have shed some light for you. Remember make sure to have some fun with this! Be engaged with your audience at the time of event. Mingle; ask if they are having fun or need anything. By doing this you can get some great tips for future events! You can also send out a survey of what they liked and didn’t like or what they would like to see in the future. To our old timers, I’m sure you have found your own way of mastering projects like these. Please feel free to send us some of your quick tips or fixes! If you have any other questions, emails us at contact@eventyoda.com.

Happy Planning and Cheers!


Community Director